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Sacramento Fire Department
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Officers enter and clear the way for the Fire Department and EMT's to enter? They must stage at a safe distance until Police Officers arrive and broadcast a "Clear to Enter" status through their police Communication Center.


The Police and Fire Departments work very closely together. Will a police officer be available to clear the way? If a fire station near you is "Browned Out" will the necessary fire apparatus reach you or a loved one quickly enough?

Do you and your loved ones feel safer in 2014 than you did 10 years ago?

Do you believe the City of Sacramento Mayor, City Manager and City Council when they say:

"Public Safety is our Number 1 Priority."
or the Police Chief when he says:
"Crime is Down! The City is Safe!"
It's just the Community's PERCEPTION crime is up Chief?

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 NPST and CRIMEWATCH came before them with an appeal.
 Judge from what you see and hear - Did they listen? Do they Care?


SAFE STREETS? With proposed cuts, EIGHT TIMES
more parolees than police officers in our city?

Governor Jerry Brown more likely to allow the
release of paroled killers from prison!
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Do we have the police resources to deal with them?

Sacramento Police Staffing Trends

One Midtown neighborhood was recently victimized four times in one 24 hour period!

A high ranking Sacramento Police Department officer explains:

"As you know, with our reduced resources, many of the types of crimes you mention ...
 we no longer have the ability to investigate, and in fact may not even respond to the call."

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When you Dial 911 this is who you depend on to send police!

Communication Center
We learned just recently these are AUTHORIZED not WARM BODIES

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The Important Role Civilian CSOs Performed before they were CUT in LAST YEAR'S BUDGET!

  • Respond to and investigate non-injury traffic collisions.
  • Prepare routine burglary, stolen car, casualty, and missing person reports.
  • Process, collect and document property crime scenes for latent finger prints.
  • Collect and document evidence from crime scenes.
  • Perform traffic control, non-violent crowd control, and administer first aid as necessary.
  • Respond to and process found property calls.
  • Transport victims, witnesses, and equipment.
  • Refer violations and complaints by citizens to proper authorities and departments.

Will we be told Crime rates have dropped thanks to fewer reports being taken?

Fewer Police Officer to RESPOND - No CSOs to take REPORTS
Wait, Police will respond to serious misdemeanor and all felony crimes!
It's a FACT - violent crime in Sacramento has risen - Why these cuts?


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